Next Tuesday sees the launch of the UK’s largest online Christmas Giving Challenge ‘The Big Give’.

This year Brighter Futures is taking part in the challenge and raising much needed money to help the Emergency Department (Way Forward Appeal) at Great Western Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust.

Matched funding of £5,000 has been secured from Dr Thomas Cranston Wilson Trust and a pledge of £5,000 from the Wiltshire Match Fund.  This means a matching pot of £10,000 is available: if the fund  can raise £10,000 from donations made online at during the week, then this would turn £10,000 into £20,000.

Brighter Futures tells us:

Today, I’m asking you to help Brighter Futures by 1) marking the date in your diary (Noon on Tuesday 28th November to noon on the 5th December 2023), 2) sharing the details with your network, and 3) consider making a gift during this time on the charity Big Give Page.

Our current Emergency Department is too small. The local population is growing and ageing and demand for emergency care is increasing. To put that into perspective the current Emergency Department was built to cope with 45,000 users per year but since COVID-19 that figure has risen to 110,000 users.  The Way Forward Programme of work will see the new Emergency Department increase in size by 60%, allowing us to help so many more people from within our local community.

Every penny given to Brighter Futures is used to make a difference to someone at what is often the most difficult and vulnerable time in their life. Thank you for the support you have given, we are always hugely grateful to our supporters, without your help so much of what we do would not be possible.