Allotment Holder

Is there anyone interested in being a new allotment holder? We are working our way through the waiting lists at the moment. Please be advised that a plot is a lot of work and commitment – time will need to be regularly dedicated to keeping the plot up to standard. Contact me via our contact… read more

Recycling In Swindon

The government has set a target for the UK to reach 50% recycling rate by 2020. Right now, our recycling rate is 38% which has fallen from 48% in 2011/12. Recycling can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be. To start, why not check out our website where you can find a handy guide… read more

Waste Strategy Engagement

The Waste Strategy engagement is now live! We need to consider what we will change to make sure we can collect your waste and recycling in an efficient and environmentally-friendly way. There are four things to consider that affect how we process waste, which are: Rules and guidance from Central Government and the EU (Policy… read more

Norris Close Parking Update

Norris Close parking Improvements Update: We are currently waiting for revised plans to come back from SBC in regards to parking on Norris Close. There are no plans to remove the green area. Residents of Norris Close will be consulted before any work is agreed on. The Parish Council have a long term commitment to… read more

Rainbow Bookshop, Swindon

The Rainbow Bookshop in Edgeware Road, Swindon – which donates all of its profits to charity – has launched a website. Please see details below.

Report It, Don’t Ignore It Campaign

Reporting Suspected Child Abuse And Exploitation In July, Swindon Borough Council launched the ‘Report It, Don’t Ignore It’ Campaign in partnership with Wiltshire Police. The Campaign encourages all Swindon residents to report child abuse or exploitation if they suspect it is happening. Residents need to know that they don’t need to be sure that the… read more