The finance committee looks at allocating the funds available to the parish. We consider the merit and cost-effectiveness of different projects and proposals, including those mooted by other committees. We propose, monitor and implement a financial plan for the parish to ensure a sustainable future for community services.

We actively seek to control or reduce costs for our community whilst offering a continued high level of service.

How the Committee works

The committee meets as needs dictate, but in any event at least once every two months. In order for action to be approved by the committee it needs to have been proposed by one member and seconded by at least one other committee member.

The committee looks through all the issues and provides a plan of action for dealing with them. It also reviews what progress has been made on the issues raised in previous meetings. All of this process is documented and made public in the committee minutes.

Scale of charges

Visit our charges page to find out the cost of parish services such as cemetery services and allotment rental.

Attend the committee

We encourage members of the community to attend meetings. Within the meeting, there will be the opportunity to asks questions or make comments and suggestions. Meeting times are posted on the News and Events page of the website.

Our minutes

You can view our minutes as a webpage, a pdf document or a word document.