Chiseldon Parish Council undertakes to serve the community responsibly, fairly and openly. A key part of this is to set out clearly the rules and guidelines which we follow in our deliberations and decisions. The documentation which we adhere to is accessible from the links provided.

We treat everyone with courtesy and respect and ask for the same in return. We ask that you treat your councillors and council staff courteously without violence, abuse or harassment. Councillors and council staff have the right to carry out their civic duties and work without fear of being attacked or abused. Any behaviour whether that be verbal, physical or in writing, which causes either councillors or council staff to feel uncomfortable, embarrassed, or threatened, is totally unacceptable. The zero tolerance policy includes abuse, aggression or threats made in person, over the telephone or in written communication, including on social media. The council considers threatening behaviour to be: Attempted or actual aggressive, or physical actions made towards any councillor or member of staff. The use of aggressive, or abusive language, (including raising of the voice, swearing, shouting or in writing) which threatens or intimidates councillors or council staff’. This policy applies throughout all council meetings, but it also applies to any councillor or council staff away from council meetings.

Memorial Work Permit

Health and Safety Policy

Standing Orders

Financial Regulations

Code of Conduct

Complaints Policy

Public Rights Form 2017-18

Parish Insurance Cover 2018-19

Data Protection Right of Access Form

Reserves policy

Grants and Donations Funds policy

Expenses policy

Publication Scheme

Equality and Diversity Policy

Grievance Policy

Disciplinary Policy

Employers Liability Certificate 2020

Sickness & Absence Policy

Discussions with Developers Policy

First Aid Certificate

Chiseldon Parish Council Freedom of Information

Preventing Crime and Disorder Acts

Conserving Biodiversity Acts

Bribery and Anti-corruption policy

Chiseldon Parish Council Memorial Tree & Bench Policy

Cemetery Regulations

Clerk’s contract