Emergency Road Closure – Mays Lane, Chiseldon – Thames Water

Please be advised that Thames Water have closed Mays Lane under an Emergency TTRO due to a major water leak. It is anticipated that the road will be reopened on Tuesday 27th September 2022. Access will be maintained at all times where possible. The closure section will be on Mays Lane from its Junction with… read more

Ridgeway planned road closure towards Ogbourne St George

The road between Draycott Road/Ladysmith Road junction and the small track leading to Barbury Castle (see image below) is due to be closed 12th and 13th September for Openreach work. The details say 12th Sept 9.30 to 13th Sept 15.30, but there are no guarantees this will run to schedule.

Don’t watch street harassment in silence – ask ‘Are you Okay?

Chiseldon Parish Council is providing this message on behalf of Neighbourhood Watch ARE YOU OKAY? Street harassment is on the rise and is often not an isolated incident. We know the long-term impact can harm mental health and change people’s behaviour. Victims often feel guilty, ashamed, and blame themselves. Witnessing street harassment and not safely… read more

Quote required in Chiseldon

2 sets of large double doors at Chiseldon Parish Council Chapel and Museum to be sanded back, filled as required and re-painted in a suitable colour external paint. All noticeboards to be removed before work takes place and re-fitted afterwards. Ironwork to be removed or covered as required to avoid being painted over or damaged.”… read more

First cost of living payment from 2 September

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) confirmed that around 1.1 million families receiving tax credits will get their first cost-of-living payment from 2 September. The £326 payment will be paid automatically into eligible tax credit-only customers’ bank accounts between 2 and 7 September. The second payment of £324 will be issued later this year – from… read more