A good news update. The residents of Hodson, The Calley Arms pub, the Parish Council and the Calley Memorial Hall fund trustees have been working on a project to get a new defibrillator purchased and installed outside the Calley Arms Hodson. There is a long list of thanks so forgive me if I forget anyone.

  • Residents for making the initial suggestion and being part of the process
  • The landlords of the pub for allowing the installation and small electricity use to keep the box heated in winter.
  • The brewery for allowing the installation and providing the electrician to do the install.
  • The Parish Council for providing £1000 for the project and liaising with all parties.
  • The Calley Memorial Hall fund trustees for providing the other £1264 required for purchasing from their charitable funds.

The defibrillator is the same model as the others in the parish so they all work the same and need the same spare parts etc. Once the device is installed and registered/live we will provide another update. Thanks.

Clair Wilkinson, Parish Clerk.