Police officer recruitment campaign

Become a police officer with Wiltshire Police Applications to become a police officer in Wiltshire, are now open. This is the final round of recruitment as part of the Government’s pledge to recruit an additional 20,000 police officers nationally, and will see new officers in Wiltshire commence training from January 2023 onwards. This is a… read more

Community Policing Teams

Wiltshire Police is committed to ensuring our communities are at the heart of our policing model. This will help us meet the needs of those we serve in the most effective and transparent way possible. We first introduced our Community Policing model in 2016 and, in the last five years, we’ve updated and adapted the… read more

PCC wants your views on plans to increase policing precept by £10

Police and Crime Commissioner, Philip Wilkinson, is urging residents to have their say on proposals to increase the policing precept by £10 per year for the average household (band D). This follows a recent police funding announcement from the Home Office which was based upon the assumption that all PCCs would seek to use the… read more

Police and Crime Plan

What does Wiltshire Police need to do to engage better with your community? How can the Police & Crime Commissioner make sure there are more officers on the front line? What can the Police & Crime Commissioner do to ensure there is an effective and prompt response to reports of crime? We want to hear… read more

Crime Prevention Advice Following Rise In Vehicle Thefts

We are encouraging people to follow crime prevention advice following a rise in vehicle thefts across Wiltshire. Over the past few weeks we have seen an increase in the number of reports of thefts of cars, vans and motorbikes. The is believed to be linked to the rise in demand on the second-hand motor trade,… read more