What We Do

The parish council works alongside Swindon Borough Council on issues such as highways, planning and the environment. For example, the Borough council takes care of tree maintenance, public footpaths and bridleways, graffiti clearance and large loads of fly-tipping.

In addition, the Parish Council provides a variety of services for the community. These include the maintenance, repair or enhancement of Parish assets, including:

  • The Old Chapel
  • The Recreation Hall and Grounds
  • Sports Pavilion
  • Castle View Play Area
  • Butts Road Cemetery
  • Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden
  • Allotments
  • Millennium Copse

Our responsibilities also extend to other environmental work – such as emptying the dog bins – and providing support to the local community through small grants and donations. Some of these help fund local groups such as the Washpool Area Restoration Project and the Youth Facilities.

We have granted a sum of money to a local working party to investigate whether a BMX track can be placed in the parish. The group will raise funds themselves but this grant will provide help with professional fees and publicity/surveys.

Our annual Christmas tree goes up on New Road each year to bring some sparkle to the area.

Most years (Covid permitting) we organise an annual spring litter pick across the whole parish. A massive amount of extra litter and waste is usually removed.

Additional Services from 2016

As a result of recent changes to funding, Chiseldon Parish Council now furnishes additional services. Our new service model means that the Parish Council provides:

  • grass cutting
  • hedge trimming
  • light street cleaning
  • litter clearance
  • emptying of litter bins


The Hamlet of Badbury is within the boundary of Chiseldon Parish, and as such parish matters relating to Badbury are dealt with by Chiseldon Parish Council which is the first tier of local government consisting of elected or co-opted members. Your current elected Parish Councillor is Jon Jackson, and he can be contacted on jon.jackson@chiseldon-pc.gov.uk. Badbury is also with the Ridgeway Ward whereas the rest of Chiseldon Parish is within the Chiseldon and Lawn ward, represented by Lawrence Elliott laelliott@swindon.gov.uk. Your current elected Ward Cllr for Ridgeway is Gary Sumner and he can be contacted via gary@ridgewayvillages.co.uk Ward Cllr Gary Sumner – representing Badbury as part of the Ridgeway Ward. https://www.ridgewayvillages.co.uk/ A parish is defined as: A small country area in England which has its own elected council. A ward is defined as: An administrative division of a city or borough that typically elects and is represented by a councillor or councillors.

More About Our Work

All of our services are implemented through the actions of our four committees. You can find out more about the Parish council’s work, past and present, by visiting each committee’s pages:

Get in Touch

If you notice a problem within the parish that falls within our remit, or for further queries about what we do, please get in touch. If it’s not something we deal with, we’re sure we can point you in the right direction.