19 April 2016


The skies over Swindon will be lit up with a powerful beam of light on Thursday evening to mark Her Majesty The Queen’s 90th Birthday.

The beam, which is strong enough to light up the base of clouds, will be shone from the roof of the Civic Offices between 8.30pm and 9.30pm. The central section of the front of the building will also be lit in red, white and blue.

The Mayor of Swindon, Cllr Andrew Bennett, will host a Civic reception after which Wiltshire Deputy Lieutenant Alan Fletcher will read a message from HRH Prince Charles on the steps outside the Civic offices at 8.25pm. Following the reading of the message, a beacon will be lit on the lawn opposite.

There is a long tradition in the UK of lighting beacons to mark key Royal events such as jubilees, weddings and significant birthdays. Councils all over the country have been invited to take part in the celebrations.

The Mayor of Swindon, Cllr Andrew Bennett, said: “We shine a light on the wonderful history of Queen Elizabeth II on celebrating her 90th year. We have always had close ties with the Royal Family and are very proud to honour The Queen’s 90th on behalf of all of Swindon”.

The shining of the beam from the Civic offices roof has been approved by the Civil Aviation Authority.