SMG Wroughton

Our grant programme runs throughout the year – depending on how much you would be looking for our timetable are as follows:

Small Grants up to £2,000

  • March 2018 (closing date for applications 7th February)
  • May 2018 (closing date for applications 26th April)
  • September 2018 (closing date for applications 2nd August)
  • December 2018 (closing date for applications 1st November)

Foundation Main Grant up to £5,000

  • April 2018 (closing date 22 February 2018)
  • July 2018 (closing date 17 May 2018)
  • October 2018 (closing date 23 August 2018)
  • January 2019 (closing date 14 December 2018)

Science Museum Wroughton Solar Park Fund up to £20k

  • January 2019 – applications open in Summer time

We also have grants through national programmes such as #iwill and Comic Relief and these will be advertised on our website and social media channels as they become available.