At the end of March Swindon Borough Council will be amending the road layout of New Road, Chiseldon with the addition of a Build Out on the left hand side of the road as you travel into Chiseldon to restrict the traffic to single lane use at this point. (with “giveway signs” and “priority” signs being erected). The location of this build is approximately 26 metres from the Canney Close entrance.

There will also be the erection of two white speed limit gates either side of New Road, when turning in from the A346 by the Service Station. Signs will be erected to advise of the change in road layout, which will be removed after three months.

The Parish Council is working together with the Borough Council as we recognise the excess speeds of vehicles that travel along this road, which leads into residential areas. We recognise that the road is also used as a diversion route when the M4 or A346 is closed, and the excess road users may not heed the speed limit signs within the village.

Our local Speed Watch campaign in one single session will record up to 70 vehicles exceeding the 30 miles per hour speed limit by driving over 40 miles per hour. There are too many drivers going over 30 miles per hour to record and we do get drivers travelling at over 50 miles per hour on this road.

The Borough Council’s contractor (Volker Highways Ltd) will deliver the Chiseldon Speed Reduction Safety Scheme between Thursday 31st March and Wednesday 7th April, with work taking place Monday to Friday between the hours of 9.30am and 3.30pm. Whilst every effort will be made to keep to these dates, given the nature and number of projects to be undertaken, there is the possibility that they could be subject to slight change.

Please direct any queries in the first instance to the Clerk.