All the latest updates on the Local Plan and SHELAA (Strategic Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment) Review.

Local Plan Review Proposed Submission Draft


The council has prepared a Draft Local Plan to guide and control development in the Borough to 2036.

It sets out:

  • Proposed options for meeting the housing and employment needs of the Borough
  • Draft policies to guide decision making on planning applications

A formal period of consultation is being undertaken in which the views of residents and other interested person are sought on the Draft Plan prior to its submission for independent examination .

To read the documents and make a comment go to the consultation page on the SBC website at :

Comments can also be e-mailed to: or posted to: Forward Planning, Swindon Borough Council, SN1 2JH.

Paper copies can be viewed at Swindon Borough Council Reception and Swindon Council Libraries.

Comments must be received by 5pm Friday 31 January 2020.

Swindon Borough Local Plan Review Proposed Submission Draft – Public Consultation

The Town Clerk has received the following from the Service Manager of Planning Policy:Swindon Borough Local Plan Review Proposed Submission Draft – Public Consultation

 As you are aware, the Local Plan Review is underway. The Council is consulting on the Draft Swindon Borough Local Plan for the period to 2036 and relating to the whole administrative area of Swindon Borough. The reviewed Plan proposes a range of strategies (including site allocations) to provide sufficient housing and employment sites to meet the Borough’s future needs. It also includes draft development management policies to guide decision making on planning applications submitted to the Council.

Please could you forward this notice to all your parish councillors. It would also be helpful if you could encourage your parishioners to get involved in the consultation, to view the documents and to submit their comments.  Posters for parish noticeboards will be sent out in the internal mail but you may also wish to use your parish websites and/or social media.  From Tuesday 17th December 2019 the documents can be viewed on our consultation portal which can accessed at:  Paper copies of the documents will also be available at SBC Reception, Wat Tyler House, Beckhampton Street and these libraries: Central Swindon, North Swindon, West Swindon, Highworth, Wroughton and Parks.

The consultation begins on Tuesday 17th December 2019 and continues until 5pm Friday 31st January 2020.

Comments should be submitted using the on-line consultation portal available from the website above. Comments can also be sent by e-mail to or by post to Planning Policy, Swindon Borough Council, Wat Tyler House, Euclid Street, Swindon, SN1 2JH but should respond to the questions posed by the Local Plan Emerging Strategies Summary Report.


Chiseldon Parish Council response to Swindon Borough Council on SO432 for Badbury Sept 2019


Travel Plans Supplementary Planning Document: Drop-in Consultation sessions


Swindon Borough Council proposes to update its travel plans guidance for developers and is now seeking feedback during the six-week consultation period.

The aim of the draft document is to provide consistency across future developments in Swindon and will strengthen powers to ensure that travel plans get implemented robustly over the long term. This will in turn benefit the local residents and businesses by reducing congestion, fewer parking problems, and encouraging the use of sustainable modes of transport.

We invite you to a drop in consultation session on Tuesday 1st October 2019 where you can discuss the proposals with officers ahead of submitting your views to the consultation. To book onto one of the sessions, please visit

The consultation period runs until Monday, 14 October 2019. The document may be revised as a result of the consultation.

For further details, or to view the document and respond to the consultation, visit:

Chiseldon Parish Council response to Swindon Borough Council - Local plan review consultation


SHELAA guidance:

  • The inclusion/exclusion of a site from the SHELAA/Local Plan is neither a guarantee that a site moves forward to a formal planning application nor does it prevent an application from coming forward.
  • Even if removed, it does not prevent the developer from making one or repeated attempts at gaining planning permission.
  • Even if included, it is not a guarantee that planning permission will be granted – see (Church Lane, Birdham in the Chichester Harbour AONB). Paras 66, 67 and 68 discuss the inclusion of that site in the SHELAA and the inspector gives “little weight to the fact that the site is identified in the SH[E]AA”. In this instance, the appeal was dismissed by the inspectorate and planning permission refused. While not binding on other planning applications, it gives an insight as to how the SHELAA is viewed in the decision making process, particularly where sites outside of an AONB are identified and have not yet been developed.
  • In consultations such as the local plan review, Chiseldon Parish Council count as one representation only, so our comments have the same/similar weight to any comments that any other resident makes. As such, we would always recommend that all residents who hold an interest in a consultation make their own comments directly to the relevant party (in this case SBC, being the planning authority).
  • In formal planning applications, we are a statutory consultee and can make comments to SBC. Again, these hold similar weight to that of a single resident (so we would again ask residents to comment directly to the planning authority, SBC) but in addition we can give advice on what we feel would make a planning application more palatable to the community – e.g. design/facilities etc. This advice/guidance may not necessarily be followed, as the ultimate decision maker is Swindon Borough Council.
  • A resident making a better or stronger argument than the Parish Council may find that their comment(s) hold more weight in the planning decision making process.

Government's Statutory and Non statutory consultees to a planning application


Supplement Swindon Borough Local Plan Review 2nd Regulation 18 Consultation Preferred Emerging


Meeting held on Tuesday 5th March


The site identified as SO432 in Badbury (shown on the map link below) was discussed at a meeting on Tuesday 5th March, arranged by Ward Cllr Gary Sumner at Liddington Village Hall. Around 30 local resident’s attended along with the potential developer, and a Chiseldon Parish Cllr, to find out more.
The current draft proposal is for a development of 16 houses, with 50% made available for affordable housing. The remainder would be 3 and 4 bed detached properties.

Opinions were shared on the suitability of using this area for a new development, and ideas were also suggested on how to make such a development (if it went ahead) the most appealing to the surrounding Hamlet of Badbury.

Items such as:

  • Material used in the build
  • Orientation of the properties with the road
  • Car parking
  • Garden size
  • How to guarantee affordable homes for local people
  • Building works traffic mitigation

Ideas for speed calming through the area were also discussed as part of this potential plan.

Any comments you wish to make about this proposed development can be emailed to, and please do CC the Chiseldon Parish Clerk on Comments will be kept on file at SBC for the official consultation due in Summer 2019.

It should be noted that sites in green on the SHELAA do not guarantee a planning application will be approved, and sites in red on the SHELAA do not stop a developer from submitting a planning application. Any site would need to submit a planning application which would be discussed on merit by SBC and all consultees using current legislation and guidelines.

A further meeting is to be held to review the drawings with the suggestions given.

Swindon’s Borough Council’s latest publication on the SHELAA procedure


Appendix Appeal Decision at Church Lane Birdham


SHELAA public Q&A


Download the SHELAA public Q&A as a PDF

SHELAA Final Report Feb 2019


Download the SHELAA Final Report Feb 2019 as a PDF

Council removes Chiseldon Site from SHELAA


View the latest from SBC on the SHELAA document here: Council removes Chiseldon Site from SHELAA

Confirmation from Rebecca Davies from the North Wessex Downs AONB on their position of the Hodson Road site for potential development


Confirmation from Rebecca Davies from the North Wessex Downs AONB on their position of the Hodson Road site for potential development: “Is if an application were to be submitted to SBC for 30-40 houses on the Hodsons Road site and the developer could demonstrate special circumstances then the NWD AONB would not object to the principle of development and would be open to discussions with the developer or SBC on detailed design, layout and landscaping.”

North Wessex Downs AONB reply


Download the North Wessex Downs AONB reply as a PDF

Public consultation boards from Pegasus in regards to Hodson Road site, received 13th Dec 2018


North Wessex Downs AONB reply to resident query 11th Dec 2018


North Wessex Downs AONB notes after Parish Council meeting


Chiseldon Parish Council response to Swindon Borough Council for 3 SHELAA sites Dec 2018


Public SHELAA meeting 15.11.18


North Wessex Downs AONB reply to Swindon Borough Council on proposed sites in draft SHELAA Nov 2018


Public Meeting 11.6.18


Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and Development – National Trust