New Road Build-Out


The Parish Council resolved to review the effectiveness of the build-out placed on New Road in April of this year six months after its installation.  Since then, the council has been carefully monitoring feedback submitted via the Parish Clerk along with comments made on social media.


On the 4th of October, members of the Parish Council met with Borough Councillors Fionuala Foley and Eric Shaw, Stephen Taylor, the Borough’s Director of Law and Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer, and Jason Humm, the Head of Highways and Transport to discuss the build-out and to establish what information is required to conduct the review.  During this meeting, a list of questions was left with the Borough Council so that answers can be collated and supplied to the Parish Council in readiness for the November council meeting.  The list of questions can be downloaded here:


At present, the intention is to discuss the build-out at the November full council meeting on Monday, 14th November starting at 7pm at the recreation hall off Norris Close.  Members of the public are welcome to attend.