The Borough Council has reviewed the 2013 version of the Statement of Community Involvement in Planning. The purpose of this document is to advise how the Borough Council will engage with the community in the planning process.

The review was carried out in order to bring the SCI up to date and to take account of the increased use of the internet and social media, structural changes within Swindon Borough Council (including a move towards increased digitisation of services) and increased pressures on Council spending. The document was also amended to reflect comments received through informal consultation.

Following Cabinet approval the revised SCI 2019 has been published on the Council’s website and can be viewed at:

Paper copies of the documents are also available for public inspection at Swindon Borough Council libraries (Central Swindon, Highworth, North Swindon, Park and West Swindon).
If you would like a paper copy, please email the Local Planning Team at and if you have any further queries please contact Phil Smith (Tel 01793 466443) or Karen Phimister (Tel 01793 466425).