At the Xmas event on Monday 4th Dec 6.00pm at New Road,  we will hand out a raffle ticket to each child (not to be mixed up with the charity raffle ones) which will be drawn for one child to do the actual lights switch on.

We also want to thank Iceland who have provided us with some mince pies and chocolates for the event.

Don’t forget that afterwards, it’s over to the Chiseldon House hotel for tea and coffee. They also have a paid bar for anyone who needs something stronger to warm themselves up!

Charity raffle tickets are available at the Spar Shop and Three Trees Farm Shop.

Safety information for the event.

  • There will be a first aid kit and first aider on site for any minor injuries, anything beyond this will need to seek professional assistance.
  • The public are to stay on the memorial side of the road please. Anyone who needs to cross will be escorted by a marshal in hi-vis, using a torch.
  • If a child is lost/missing, please raise this immediately to a marshal. We will make an announcement over the PA system. If the child is not immediately found we will call 999.

Have a lovely event and we hope to see lots of you there!