The Parish Council have asked SBC for assistance with speed calming issues around Chiseldon Village, we have the following updates from our Ward Councillors:

Turning Mirror when exiting Turnball onto Hodson Road:

“As funding is limited, requests are priority based, if pictures can be taken of parked vehicles in Turnball to illustrate the issues that would be appreciated.”

Traffic Calming at Hodson Road when exiting Chiseldon at and the Patriot’s Arms roundabout:

“Ward Cllrs have requested a speed survey, which has been agreed.  We did ask for suggestions for the location of the speed strips, which Eric ultimately supplied to officers.  These speed surveys are commissioned in groups and so are already on the list to be done.  Once that is carried out and data analysed we will know more.  We will of course inform highway officers of your preference for speed tables”