Junction 16 Updates

Junction 16 As the temperatures have picked up, the overnight surfacing work has started and the night closures are in place. As the work is weather dependent, please make sure you follow our social media channels to see if works are postponed. Throughout the day there is a team on site installing sign bases and lamp columns. Ducting is… read more

Junction 16 update

Updates to work being done on Junction 16 There have been a number of overnight closures this week to allow the contractor to install drainage and lay pipes. The team are also installing kerbing around the junction as well as preparing areas for upcoming surfacing works. Drainage works are ongoing, with manholes being installed on the south… read more

Driving In Fog

Fog is quite common at this time of year, so here’s some advice about how to drive in these conditions; Before entering fog check your mirrors then slow down. If the word ‘Fog’ is shown on a roadside signal but the road is clear, be prepared for a bank of fog or drifting patchy fog ahead…. read more

Please be cautious around gritters this winter

Highways are urging drivers to be cautious around gritters this winter as more than a dozen people lose their lives every year after colliding with one of the winter workhorses. A gritter cannot exceed 40 mph and still does its job effectively. Unfortunately, tailbacks are unavoidable in heavy traffic. Drivers should understand the danger of… read more

Junction 16 update

Junction 16 continues to progress steadily. The vacuum excavator was on site last week, allowing the contractor to avoid hand digging around services. The site remains a hive of activity as the team prepares the road for the upcoming traffic switch. Hook Street, which links Whitehill Way in West Swindon to the village of Hook,… read more

First gritting run of the season

Gritting season With road surface temperatures forecast to drop below zero and the high probability of a heavy frost, this week saw the first road gritting operation of the season. We are expecting another cold snap on Sunday 12 November. The team will continue to monitor forecasts and conditions 24 hours a day. For more… read more

Winter service has commenced

A team of 16 drivers and 8 gritting lorries are now on standby 24 hours a day to grit the priority routes in Swindon which cover 280 miles of the borough’s 520-mile road network. The Council has also checked the borough’s 475 grit bins, and those that need filling or replacing will be attended to… read more

Akers Way reopens to traffic on Wednesday

Good news for motorists as Akers Way reopens to traffic on Wednesday evening One of Swindon’s most important arterial routes will reopen to traffic following major improvement works. Akers Way has undergone extensive reconstruction work, which has resulted in major modifications to the concrete road base that will add decades to the lifespan of the… read more

Are we getting through?

Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service ask: Are we getting through? Dorset & Wiltshire Fire and Rescue Service has launched an awareness campaign across its area, targeting poor or inconsiderate parking. The Service is asking all drivers “Are we getting through?” as, when responding to a 999 call, every second that the emergency services are… read more