We have been working with ward councillors and the contractors responsible to ensure a replacement shuttle bus service is provided in the morning and evening peaks between Alexandra Park, Thorney Park and Wroughton to help those residents impacted by the Marlborough Road closure in Wroughton. This is being funded by those responsible for the work.

The shuttle service is being provided by 4K Travel to supplement the revised Stagecoach Service 81/82 timetable. Times will be kept as close to the original as possible, but for the latest departures please call 01793 677192.

Those people living between Wroughton and Chiseldon affected by the Marlborough Road closure who have difficulty in accessing public transport can use the Steps for You service provided by Akcess by calling 01793 677191.

We have also been working with local schools to ensure school transport is maintained for those who use it.

Although this closure is being undertaken by third parties, we have been working with partners to try and keep disruption to a minimum.

Conlon and Instalcom, who are responsible for the work, have a legal right to undertake the works for the new Brimble Hill Data Centre and the Bellway development; by working with the developers and contractors we have limited disruption to 12 weeks rather than ongoing closures throughout the year.