A Swindon Borough Council initiative aimed at promoting lifelong learning now has a brand new website.

Earlier this year the Council outlined its intentions to become a Learning Town, joining other towns and cities in promoting and celebrating learning for all.

The initiative is part of UNESCO’s global network of towns and cities who work together to share ideas and solutions. A Learning Town is defined as a place which uses its resources to promote inclusive, lifelong learning in education, families, communities and the workplace. Other places to have joined the network include Bristol and Swansea.

The Learning Town website is a portal whereby residents can access information on a wide-range of learning options, get inspiration from other learners’ stories and inspire people to create their own.

The site also has information for employers and potential volunteers, who want to support their workforce or help their community.

In Swindon, the Learning Town initiative will have a strong emphasis on raising the aspirations and ambitions of all children, young people and adults in relation to educational attainment, skills and opportunities enhanced through learning and qualifications.

There will also be a focus on raising the profile of lifelong learning and education, improving the level of qualifications and skills and increasing the number of students with higher level qualifications and those who go on to higher education.

Swindon Learning Town is being developed as an important part of Swindon Challenge, which aims to improve educational attainment and outcomes throughout Swindon.

Councillor Mary Martin, Swindon Borough Council’s Cabinet Member for Children and School Attainment, said: “The Learning Town initiative will build on the great work being carried out by the Swindon Challenge Board in helping to raise educational attainment in Swindon.

“But we also want people to have high aspirations and to go on to reach their potential in higher or further education. This new website is a one-stop shop for learning opportunities in Swindon and a great place to start if you are interested in continuing your learning journey.”

The website is dedicated to illustrating the story of Swindon’s people, through their learning experiences.

This includes Kenneth Sherwin, a 93-year-old man learning computer skills at the Central Library, through to young people’s apprenticeship journeys in a variety of business settings.

Anish Harrison, Learning Town Project Lead, said: “Swindon has so many learning opportunities through Adult Community Learning, formal learning opportunities, courses at the library and University of the Third Age, while we also have family activities alongside fantastic arts and STEM organisations, which can really broaden the horizons of our residents.

“We’ve also formed partnerships with the National Literacy Trust and other organisations, to enhance community aspirations. This is a great time to live and learn in Swindon.”

You can access the Learning Town website via www.swindonlearningtown.com

The Learning Town initiative will be showcased throughout the year at various events held within the town. The roadshow includes a presence at Swindon Libraries’ Tech Day on Saturday, 3 November, to highlight and celebrate Swindon’s STEM culture.  More details to follow.

For further information, please contact Anish Harrison, on: 07517 995744 or email: learningtown@swindon.gov.uk