I’ve been made aware of a scheme where shops provide their food that is shortly going out of date but fine to eat to local “Food Waste Heros” who can then distribute in their local community.

We have a lady called Nicki who lives in Chiseldon who is one such hero and is happy for people to contact her on WhatsApp if they need any food supplies during these tough times.

Nicki will be holding weekly free food collections from her house, and you can access this service in complete confidence.

You would need to contact Nicki on 07487 305675 via text (she gave me permission to add her number on here) and she can help. She will add you to a WhatsApp group listing what is available and you can contact her to make a request. I’d suggest texting Nicki anyway even if you don’t have WhatsApp.

(Please note this isn’t a Parish Council-backed scheme and we take no responsibility for you using this scheme. We are the mechanism for proving the information). Please ensure you are happy to share your number before joining up to this scheme.

Mrs Clair Wilkinson
Parish Clerk and Responsible Financial Officer