Ward Council Report for December 2017

Streetsmart & Highways 

Double yellow lines New Road/Turnball – the road has to be dry so due to current inclement weather the work cannot take place until conditions have changed.

Verges & Grips

The verges between the entry sign to Chiseldon from Hodson Road were cleared shortly after the gas board left but I’ve asked for another inspection because they are as bad as ever due to HGVs and tractors trying to keep to their side of the road and not succeeding. I don’t know what can be done given that the B4005 is a very well used road. The other problem being the speed of vehicles although there are warning signs on the ground and notices. The section by the copse upto Home Close is being eroded – some sections more than others – and the verge is narrow. The “grips” are due to be cleared next month.

Junction of High Street & Church Street 

Officers agreed to replace damaged signs and put up a second culdesac sign in Church Street. I’ve also asked if the weight restriction sign in High street can be made more obvious. Officers are already looking at the current placing of a similar sign restricting HGVs on Marlborough road from entering Butts road.

Butt Road Resurfacing 09/01/18 – 11/01/18 

At a recent site meeting officers indicated that all of the road would be resurfaced. NB Butts road is on the list of roads to be completed during and/or there’s inclement weather them the proposed dates may be changed.


The lay-by outside 89 – 93, New road has been completed.


Notification of a Planning Application at Burdeop Park has been recieved (comments by 19/12/2017.) However a date has not been agreed upon for the plans to go before the Borough Planning Committee.

Travellers at the Firs 

They “have been served with a Trespass Notice with direction to leave the site by 29/12/2017 or formal legal action will commence.” The Borough Solicitor hopes to have the necessary evidence “lodged at Court by the 10th January 2018”.

Verge Parking 

The problem of verge/pavement parking within the Parish has arisen on a number of occasions. I have informed the Clerk that SBC were going to look into the problem across the Borough. Following an Email from the Cabinet Member for Highways who states that “I can confirm that we are looking at all options to address inconsiderate, antisocial and illegal parking. It won’t be a signle solution” – E.g. SBC now has an enforcement camera care but only in school safety zones.

Ward Councillors Eric Shaw & Fionuala Foley 
December 2017
Ward Councillors Report – December 2017