Clarification On What Tickets Can Be Used On X5 Service

A meeting of all parties concerned took place on the 16th October 2018 including both SBC & Wiltshire Councils and the three bus companies.  The Go South Coast company (who run the X5) have lost quite a lot of revenue in the past few months so from Thursday 1st November 2018, all the issued Thamesdown passes, including the Young Persons’ Pass will no longer be accepted on the X5 bus service.  This affects the route from Marlborough, through Chiseldon and into Swindon.  This bus service will not be coming into the fares pool for Swindon.

The effect of this will be if you are using the X5 in the two and a half hour gap in the Service 80 in the afternoon, you either need to pay again or buy a weekly ticket for this bus service.  Another effect will be the 09.29 X5 service from the bus stop on the main road, if this bus is on time, concessionary pass holders will have to pay for the next stage of the journey to the bus stop outside of the GWH on Marlborough Road.  The only Stagecoach ticket that can be used on the X5 is the Day Return on the 18.30 service from Swindon.

The Service 80 on a Saturday morning, leaving the Bus Station at 07.10 and returning from the Landmark stop at 07.32 (requested by residents working in Swindon and rail users) is getting very little use and is likely to be cut in the future.

SBC have nearly finished the refurbishment of Regent’s Circus with new bus stops and shelters and they are in the process of refurbishing old bus shelters in the Swindon area, saving the Council £14,000 on each shelter.

By the time you read this report the Coate Water Roundabout resurfacing will be finished but there will be a change in the white lining coming from Dorcan Way which will have a left lane to turn down to Commonhead and the A419.  The other major road closure is the road going to Wroughton which will be closed from Monday 29th October 2018 to Friday 2nd November 2018.  It will be closed from Wonshot Close to the Three Tuns Roundabout.  The alternative route will be over the motorway at Juntion 15, Marlborough Road into Old Town, Pipers Way and back over the motorway to Wroughton.  It would be appreciated if people will use this route and not cut through Hodson.

Changes to the railway services.  There is a major project to increase from two to four lines between Bristol Parkway and Bristol Temple Meads.  From Saturday 27th October to Sunday 18th November there will be no trains between these two stations.

A further closure of the line between Pewsey and Theale from Monday 19th November 2018 to Thursday 22nd November 2018.  This should be the last closure to finish the electrification to Newbury.

The Severn Bridge Tolls on the M4 and M48 will be fully removed by Monday 17th December 2018, but there will be roadworks to take away the toll booths.