Transport Report for May 2018

In the last month, the bus stop pole has been changed at Draycot Foliat. We are pleased that this has finally taken place, as it should have been done last year. The bus drivers can now see where the bus stop actually is, which will be an asset to the passengers. Cllr David Hill would like to thank Councillor Eric Shaw for his persistence in getting this job done and for his help with public transport throughout the Chiseldon Parish area. We wish him well in his retirement from council work.

The recent article in the local press saying that there would be an increase in the Service 81, was incorrect. There will be no extra bus services through the village.

If you have concessionary travel, the council issue new passes on the 31 March each year.  Please check your expiry date on these passes.  If you find that it your pass is out of date, you need to go into Wat Tyler House and apply for a new card.

TransWilts rail group are holding a meeting on Friday 11 May 2018 at 7pm at the Bouverie Hall, Pewsey, to try to form a Pewsey Vale rail users group.  This is to try to get more trains to call at Pewsey Station.

There are some planned closures of the railway line between Westbury and Theale, to enable line to be converted to an electric railway. It will be closed from Monday 23 to Thursday 26 April and again from Monday 14 May to Thursday 17 May.  Passengers going to Pewsey, Hungerford or Newbury will have to catch replacement buses.

The Mannington Roundabout improvement is due to start on Monday 16 April and will be ongoing for a number of months, just as the Junction 16 Roundabout improvements are nearing completion.