A reminder to our residents about this free service:

The Priority Services Register (PSR) is free to join. It helps utility companies, including energy suppliers, electricity, gas and water networks like us to look after customers who have extra communication, access or safety needs. It helps us tailor our services to support households who need extra help with everyday energy matters like bills, and also in the unlikely event of a power cut, gas or water supply interruption.

We’re working together to make sure that your property receives all the support services covered by the Priority Services Register. By telling us once, we update your PSR request with your energy supplier (the company you pay your bills to) and your regional network companies including electricity, gas and water.

The PSR promise is made by all participating energy companies in England, Wales and Scotland. We will always follow privacy laws and your PSR information will never be used for marketing.

You can find out more at the PSR website.