April 2018 Newsletter

Covered in this newsletter are the following:

  1. FLOC
  2. New booking procedure
  3. Tennis for kids
  4. GDPR
  5. Bank account changes
  6. Tennis Holidays
  7. New Tennis Courses and coaches

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In December 2017 we sort to reduce the administration burden of booking people on to courses and collecting payments. After some thorough research we decided on using FLOC. An spp designed to streamline course bookings and a way to keep parents informed of lesson plans, by notes, picture and videos of their child or children’s lessons. Whilst a great proposition, in practice it has caused many problems for various reasons. We take feedback very seriously and have decided not to use FLOC any more.

How will this effect you?

We will stop using FLOC on the 27th April 2018. All people that have set up and pay by direct debit will have had a new direct debit set up by Julie directly and many of you will have received an email to confirm this.

What do you have to do? 

You will not have to renew anything as this has all been set up, however, you will need to ignore any emails from FLOC to say that your child has not turned up for coaching. You will need to go to the profile section of the app. Select your child and see the course that they are booked in and click the BIN Icon. Once done you can delete the app.

New Booking Procedure

For those that pay a monthly direct debit you don’t need to do anything. If you have not signed up as a member for your respective club as from 1-4-2018 you will need to do so as soon as possible. We will be doing a check soon and all those who are not members will have their direct debits increased from £22.49 to £29.99 for juniors, so please do this at your earliest convenience. If you need to know how to re-join please email.

To book on new courses you need to go to the website:

  • Scroll down and click on “Book on a course”
  • Select the club
  • Find the course
  • Click on BOOK
  • Complete the parent details then the pupil details
  • Complete the direct debit with GO Cardless (Direct debits can be a one off payment or a regular payment)
  • We will get an email to confirm that this has been done the we will enrol the pupil in to the course and set up the correct payment. That’s it. People are now doing this and the feedback is that it is simple.

Tennis For Kids

We are running tennis for kids courses at Aldbourne, Calne and Chiseldon.

Tennis for kids is a course aimed at people who have never played tennis before and are between the age of 4 to 11.The course costs £25 and for that you get a tennis racket, 3 tennis balls and a T Shirt. For more information follow visit ClubSpark,


There are many changes relating to Data Protection. I will be sending out a detailed email regarding this and how we use your information and how secure its stored and who has access to it and what its used for. As you may expect this is key for the operation of our business as we need to know details of sensitive nature but this is only used by PK Tennis Ltd and associated business of Phil Kerley including the respective tennis clubs that individuals are associated with.

Bank Account Changes

Cooperative as we felt at the time it was important that we used an ethical bank account. Over the last year it has become very difficult to manage the account due to the restricted flexibility by the account and not having a mobile app to control the day to day running costs of the business. With immediate effect we have switched to Lloyds Bank who now provide all the necessary tools to run the business on the go via a mobile app. All new invoices have the new account details on but just to confirm they are:

LLoyds Bank 
Sort code: 30-98-41
Account: 16135662

Tennis Holidays

We are arranging a long tennis weekend at La Manga Club in Spain. We have lots of spaces available but we need to know by Friday 4th May. Please see below. To book, follow the above on line instructions and select PK Tennis Ltd and then select La Manga.

New Tennis Courses & Coaches

We are constantly putting on tennis courses to give people as much choice as possible. For more information please visit our website.

We have a new course for mums and dads on a Wednesday at Chiseldon Tennis Club 10.30am to 12.00pm called Coffee and Cakes. Yes you have to bring cakes and we do the coffee. To book visit our website.

We have 2 new course at Calne Tennis Club on a Friday 4.30pm to 5.30pm Mini Reds 8 and Under and then 5.30pm to 6.30pm 9 and overs. To book visit our website.

We would like to Welcome James Pugh who has joined our coaching team. James is a very experienced tennis coach and player. He has captained Gloucester Men’s Team and currently Coaches the Army ladies team. He will be workingwith Phil Kerley at Chiseldon Tennis Club on a Wednesday.

Should you need any further information please do not hesitate co contact us.