The Council is seeking views on its updated Road Safety Strategy and we would welcome your comments.

The Council’s last road safety strategy – The Strategic Plan for Accident Reduction – was approved in 2010 and with changes in national guidance and best practice and the slowing of progress in road casualty reductions it is timely that the Council’s approach to road safety be updated.

Swindon’s Road Safety Strategy is intended as an interim 2-year strategy and seeks to introduce a Safe Systems approach to how the Council will achieve further reductions in the number of casualties injured in road traffic collisions on Swindon’s roads.

Key to the adoption of a Safe Systems approach to road safety is having the wider community at its core. So as representative of a valued stakeholder to the Council’s road safety activities we are keen to understand the views on this new approach and the Strategy’s proposed vision and objectives.

The Safe Systems approach to road safety is based on 5 pillars, one of which is Safe Speeds. In line with the updated draft interim road safety strategy, the Council is also proposing a new draft policy on 20mph schemes. This proposes a change in the local approach to allow a greater priority to be given to the introduction of 20mph schemes on residential streets where there is a high volume of use by vulnerable road users.

Your comments will be used to better understand the wider views on a safe systems approach to road safety and will help to inform development of a longer-term strategy for road safety through the Wiltshire & Swindon Road Safety Partnership. Comments on the draft 20mph Schemes policy will also be considered in finalising the draft documents for presentation for adoption by Cabinet later in the year.

Copies of the relevant documents are available on the Council website here with a link to a short survey to capture your feedback. Comments must be submitted by 5pm Friday 27th August 2021.

Thank you very much for taking the time to respond to this consultation.

Road Safety

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