Residents who have not already registered to vote in the upcoming General Election have until next Tuesday (26 Nov) to do so.

All registered voters will receive their poll cards by Thursday, 5 December. The poll cards for voters attending a polling station will contain details of the date of poll, polling station locations and opening times. If residents have applied to vote by proxy, postal or postal proxy, they will still receive a poll card which will inform them of their voting preference along with details of the deadline to cancel their vote.

Residents do not need to take their poll card with them in order to vote on Thursday, 12 December 2019, however, any residents who are not registered by the deadline will be unable to vote on polling day.

Residents who would like to submit a postal vote must apply by 5pm on Tuesday, 26 November. This applies to new postal vote and postal proxy applications, as well as changes to existing postal or postal proxy votes.

Residents who would like to vote by proxy must apply by 5pm on Wednesday, 4 December. This deadline does not include postal proxy or emergency proxy applications.

If you become ill after the close of proxy voting you can apply for an emergency proxy to vote on your behalf up to 5pm on the day of an election. The application must be attested and signed by a medically qualified person.

A list of candidates standing in each constituency is available to view at