The bus service pattern

So what will the bus service look like in the future?  Here’s a summary of what we expect:

Monday to Saturday

  • Frequent (at least half-hourly) daytime services to the Town Centre from all urban areas and from main settlements outside the urban area, including Highworth and Wroughton.
  • This will include services arriving before 8.00am and leaving after 5.30pm.
  • At least hourly evening services to all main areas of Swindon, if demand exists and funding is available.
  • Frequent daytime service to and from nearby towns and cities.
  • BusLink or other community transport services for services that are not commercially viable, such as some rural services to smaller communities.
  • No change to existing use of public buses to transport children to and from school.


  • Commercially viable Sunday bus services between 8.00am and 6.00pm on a half-hourly basis, or more frequently where demand justifies the service.
  • BusLink or other community services where needed to fill ‘gaps’ in this provision if demand exists and funding is available.