For those who want to look more closely at the SHELAA document referenced by Ward Cllr Gary Sumner at the meeting last Thursday, the link to these documents is below:

The Parish Council haven’t received any further document that we can pass on for review.
To comment on the SHELAA proposal you can email The extended deadline is 12th December 2018. If you wish to share your comments to the Parish Council as well you can CC

The Parish Council will discuss & Vote on this matter on 10th December and then send our comments to SBC.

The Parish Council is a Local Government body as a result Parish Councillors must adhere to a set of standards and rules , one key rule is Objectivity: Parish Councillors are governed by the following …. “You Should Act impartially, fairly and on merit” *

For the Parish Council to be seen to “back” one course of action before a vote is taken, could result in the Parish Council being challenged and all motions passed related to the issue in question ultimately dismissed and rendered inadmissible in the final ruling.

The notes that were taken during this meeting, will be shared once they are complete and confirmed for accuracy.

Thank you.

*National Training Strategy for Town and Parish Councils – A Good Councillors Guide: Essential Guidance for Local Councillors.