SBC update on new recycling system:

  • The launch date is from week commencing Monday, 27 November
  • Letters drop to 88,000 households informing of the new collection dates sent. All affected households should receive a letter this week.
  • Mop up process has been activated for households who have not received food caddies and blue weighted bags. The letter to households includes request instructions. Vast majority of mop up deliveries will be completed by 9 November
  • Blue weighted bags will be delivered to core libraries for those who require additional capacity. These will be free of charge and available now
  • The last of the 21 of the Romaquip recycling wagons have been delivered
  • Romaquip engineers have been on-site to install the rams. This is now complete. LED in cab screens have proved to be too large. This will be addressed but is not mission critical and will not impact rollout
  • The last of the general waste wagons will be delivered by 20 November. These vehicles are delivered complete and do not require remedial work. This timescale has slipped but we have enough wagons in place now to ensure a successful rollout
  • Waste handling vehicles for the food pods on the recycling wagons have been delivered and driver induction has started
  • Recruitment ongoing for additional temps for the Christmas period
  • Second weighbridge installation complete. Software upgrade required for implementation
  • Terex plastic / metal separator plant machinery in place, tested and operating
  • Issue has been identified with entrance door to MRF (Materials Recycling Facility) building. This will be widened before roll-out
  • Additional pedestrian safety measures to be implemented for vehicles exiting the MRF building
  • Reminder that Monday 13 November, bookings will be closed to the recycling centre to allow for bay preparation
  • Reminder that Monday 27 November, bookings will be closed to the recycling centre on launch day
  • Waste wizard is now live online. Go to and select the “For collections from Monday, 27 November 2023” box. This is a knowledge database that will evolve on analysis of requests
  • All maps upload onto BARTEC in cab system. Driver engagement in progress to familiarise with new routes.
  • Additional temporary staff allocated to the contact centre for roll-out support

The main body of questions that we have received still pertain to the blue weighted bag. Council comms will encourage residents to clean and crush contents, particularly plastic bottles (it will be advised to remove lid, crush and then replace lid). Not only will this increase capacity for the bag but will also allow for increased capacity on the wagon, therefore less trips to Waterside. These reusable bags are used in many local authority areas including Wokingham and the Cotswolds. Plastics and metals can also be presented in a recycling box but not in plastic bags.

We have had a query about residents who have to wait over two weeks for a collection. I can confirm that residents who have more than 2 weeks between their wheelie bin (refuse) collections can place any excess waste in a refuse bag next to their bin on their first new collection date (after week commencing 27 November) and crews will take it on that occasion. This service will only be available to those who have an extended period between collections due to the changeover and will only happen for wheelie bin (refuse) collections scheduled between 27 November and 8 December. Excess recycling can be put out for any collections, as long as it is sorted correctly, is not bagged but placed in a sturdy container.