The Remembrance Service on Saturday 11th November at the memorial stone in Ladysmith Road will go ahead as planned, immediately after the main service at 10.50 at the memorial stone at New Road.

SBC legal department have advised us of the following:

“The highway verge is highway that is maintained at the public expense by the highway authority, and accessible to members of the public. Even where land is privately owned highway rights supersede the rights of the landowner – they are the owners of the subsoil and the land will be returned to them in the event should the highway ever be stopped-up.”

The short service will be performed on the Highway at Ladysmith Road so those wishing to attend are asked to be aware at all times of any traffic in the area and move to a safe place on a verge if instructed to do so.
The Parish Council will be laying a wreath at the stone, other appropriate memorial tributes will be welcome.
You will need transport in order to be present at this service.
Thank you