Reconstructing Upham Road

Despite the extremely warm weather, the team at Upham Road continue to break out and remove the old damaged concrete and replace it with a new base material.

The minibus service that we have been running for residents from the stop outside Queen’s Park will also include a pick-up point along Burford Avenue. We have also extended this to include a drop-off point at the Central Library. The frequency and timings remain the same.

Drivers, please note: when using Upham Road to turn onto Queens Drive, the traffic light loop will not be activated unless you pull right up to the stop line.

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Improving Mannington Roundabout

After the discovery of an unknown cable when we started to remove the traffic island on Tewkesbury Way, we are pleased to say that work is now progressing again, though this has extended the programme slightly.

Although we have maintained two-way traffic so far, we will have to completely close Tewkesbury Way overnight to resurface the road next week between Monday (16 July) and Thursday (19 July).  The closure will be between Mannington Roundabout and Toothill Roundabout between 9.30pm and 6am each night.  If the project does extend for longer (e.g. for bad weather), any further work will be carried out under lane closures.


Tackling Potholes

Over the past month we’ve been running a campaign to explain how the Council manages pothole repairs and encourage the public to report them to us online.

Since its launch, we’ve received 78 new reports of potholes from members of the public to complement the efforts of our six highway inspectors who regularly inspect the borough’s roads, pavements and alleys to identify potholes and other problems. Since that date we’ve fixed a total of 347 potholes.

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Pipers Way Bus Lane And Pedestrian-cycle Way Improvements

A scheme to improve sustainable travel along Pipers Way will start on Monday (16 July). The work will involve the creation of a bus lane between Nationwide roundabout and the junction for Broome Manor golf complex to improve bus travel times and reliablity. An upgrade of the pedestrian-cycle footway along Pipers Way will also take place. The work is likely to take between 14 and 16 weeks.

The first phase of the work will involve widening the footway. Pedestrians will be safely diverted onto the road under a temporary traffic light system, which will be manually controlled during peak times to minimise traffic.

The next phase will be the construction of the bus lane and relocation of the existing footway/cycleway.


Regent Circus Improvement Scheme

New bus shelters have been installed, as have the new street lighting columns, which will be topped with lanterns and connected shortly.  The paving work is progressing well and some grouting has been carried out over the last week.  The drainage works have been completed on the Town Centre side.

Over the next couple of weeks we will remove the central island and barriers, which will allow work to start on the opposite side of the road near the Meca.

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Installing Queens Drive Toucan Crossing

The first phase is now well underway on the north side of the road and involves moving the existing bus layby away from the Magic Roundabout, which will accommodate the relocation of the crossing.  A temporary bus stop has been installed.

The next phase will involve relocation works of the crossing within the central island.


Upgrading Wanborough Footpath

The final section of new footpath on Church Road, connecting the existing pavement to the west of The New Calley Arms, is anticipated to be completed by the end of July.  This will complete the pedestrian route through the village connecting Hooper’s Field to Church Road.  The use of off-peak temporary traffic lights may be required.


Mill Close Construction

Our team have fully reconstructed the pavement in Mill Close, Wroughton. This work was part of the Borough’s Highway Maintenance Programme and will improve the surface and structure of the pavement.


Action On Nuisance Parking

Following concerns raised by residents over the effect this type of parking has on pedestrians with pushchairs, mobility scooters or those with visual impairments, the Council is planning to implement these powers from October this year.

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