Parents and carers with children entering primary school for the first time in 2020 have just over a week left to apply for their child’s school place.
Next Wednesday (15 Jan) is the national deadline for parents of children born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 to submit their top three primary school preferences.

Last year, the Council was able to give 95 per cent of applicants their first preference for primary schools, while 99 per cent were offered one of their top three preferences.

Parents are encouraged to put down three choices in case their first choice school is oversubscribed.

The offer of a preferred school place depends upon the number of applications received and the number of places available. Priority for places will be determined by the individual school’s admission criteria.

Applications submitted after the deadline has passed will be considered after all the on-time applications and the child concerned will be allocated a school place after all other applications have been considered.

Late applicants are unlikely to be placed in their preferred school. To avoid this situation parents are urged to get their submissions in before the deadline next Wednesday.

Applications for primary school spaces should be made online on the Council’s website which contains all of the information parents will need to make their application.

Parents and carers will be informed about the outcome of their application on 16 April 2020.

Councillor Russell Holland, Swindon Borough Council’s Deputy Leader and the Cabinet Member responsible for education, said: “It’s hugely important that parents and carers submit their applications for school places before the national deadlines so they have a much better chance of getting a school place at one of their three preferred schools.

“Our School Admissions team works extremely hard, and with great success, to match children to one of their preferences, but I would urge parents to get their applications in before the deadline to ensure their child is afforded the best chance of securing their first school choice.”

Parents can make their primary school application online at