The Swindon Preparing for Adulthood Transitions Roadshow 2021 will be run as a virtual event, from Monday 20th to Friday 24th September. There will be presentations from a wide range of organisations throughout the week, and a full timetable with joining instructions, will be published in July.

The Roadshow is for parents, carers and professionals who support young people age 14+ with additional needs.

The term ‘Transition’ relates to young people with additional needs who may need extra and sometimes specialist support to help them to prepare for adult life. Preparing for adulthood can start from around age 14, and will include thinking about good health, independent living, social life, family and friendships, and employment, education and training.

Please join the Roadshow online for information and advice, to find out what services and opportunities are available to support young people as they prepare for adulthood. There will be organisations taking part representing employment, education and social care, Health, voluntary sector services, community and sports activities, financial services and others. There will be opportunities to ask questions.

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