A message from Thames Water:
I’d like to introduce myself, as the Customer Liaison for your area, contacting you on behalf of Thames Water.

I’d also like to provide you with advance notice of tanker activity you may see in the area on 29 July.

On 29 July SSE, the electric provider to our sewage pumping station (SPS) have planned a power outage. As our SPS requires electricity to function and manage the wastewater for the area, we need to mitigate this, whilst the power is out. Therefore, two tankers will be placed at two different sites on our sewer network to manage the flows. I’ve included some mapping below, which shows the two locations and the routes the tankers will take.


We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, however as you’ll appreciate this is out of our control. If you’ve any questions about the power outage, we’d recommend you contact SSE directly. You can reach their customer service number on 0345 0707373.

If you have any questions re the above or any other operational matter, please contact me on the telephone number below.

Kind Regards
Julie Moulton
Customer Liaison
Thames Valley Region – Wastewater
Mobile: 07747646073