Please help make the Ogbourne St George and Hallam junctions on the A346 safer for drivers, local residents, walkers, cyclists and riders by signing our petition.

We are calling on Wiltshire Council and Highways England to improve safety on this stretch of the A346 by:

  • Reducing the speed limit to 50mph;
  • Installing flashing speed limit signs;
  • Installing more prominent signs for motorists to take note of the turnings;
  • Installing signs to alert motorists that people are crossing the Ridgeway at this point of the road;
  • Reviewing the physical features of the road with a view to engineering any changes that will encourage drivers to slow down.

We hope that you all recognise the dangers of these junctions and support this petition. Only with significant support will our request result in this necessary change.

Please sign our petition to make the A346 junctions safer for our villages.
At this stage, we do not need any funds for our campaign, so please do not feel you need to donate.

If you know anyone who would prefer to sign a physical document please call Rachel on 01672 841999.

Please spread the word by telling your family and friends.

Thank you!