burglar in a home

Every burglary victim knows the impact is deeper than simply having your possessions taken.

Burglary violates a safe space and you expect the police to respond appropriately when you report it.

Sadly, that expected police service when you are a home burglary victim has been severely lacking in recent years. This is consistent across the UK – not just in here in Wiltshire.

That is why I am pleased Wiltshire Police have now pledged to attend every home burglary. It’s a leap in the right direction.

The force is already providing this in 88.7% of cases but this extra effort should help to increase victim satisfaction, preserve evidence sooner with increased prosecutions.

Residents tell me they want police officers to do the basics right: good, quality investigations which result in locking the bad people up, protect the vulnerable and care about victims. Wiltshire Police’s home burglary further action taken figures, where a suspect is identified, charged or cautioned, is currently at 3.9% on a rolling 12 month average. This isn’t good enough and I have been clear in letting our Chief Constable know this – and he agrees.

By improving how officers deal with home burglary victims should not only increase those figures but also, and more importantly, will positively impact on the public’s confidence and trust in the policing service they receive.

I will be directly scrutinising this commitment and challenging them to show that effective, quality, investigations are taking place.

I have also senior officers to explore if it is operationally possible to extend this commitment to all non-dwelling burglaries, like rural outbuildings and sheds. As ever, this will be a delicate balance but aiming to provide the policing service our communities want is vital.

Emma Morton
Head of Communications and Engagement
Wiltshire OPCC

07384 820760