The award-winning Swindon Film Society, which was founded in 1947, launches its 2023/24 season of some of the best contemporary international films in early September.

The 2023/24 season begins on Wednesday 6 September, and runs until Wednesday 27 March 2024. All films are shown at the Arts Centre in Devizes Road, Old Town, and a total of 14 films are shown each season.

Swindon Film Society’s chair, Robert Elrick, says all those joining the society have access to a programme of international films that will not be shown anywhere else in the town.

“All too often films that are shown at the most prestigious festivals such as Venice, Cannes, Berlin, Toronto and Sundance never get to see the light of day in provincial cinemas throughout the UK,” says Robert.

“Yet they are often an absolute delight – not only winning the praise of professional film critics but also giving their audiences insight into cultures and circumstances that are very different from our own. They are also an engaging reminder of how much common ground there is in the human dilemmas, family dynamics, politics and gently humorous situations that people face across the world, irrespective of their race, colour or creed.

“So it’s not only a good night out – which many members often follow with a drink and conversation in any of the several good pubs near the Arts Centre – but it usually leaves us all learning a bit more about the country where that night’s film is set, and about the lives of those who live there.”

This year’s programme includes a wide range of subjects and genres to showcase some of the very best international films.

They include The Quiet Girl, a coming-of-age Irish language drama that won seven awards at the 18th Irish Film & Television Awards in March 2022, and the Spanish comedy drama Official Competition, starring a deadpan Penelope Cruz in a brilliant satire of the film industry.

Swindon Film Society is a voluntary organisation, and membership is open to anyone aged 16 or over. Membership for the entire season is £70, which works out at just £5 per film. Alternately, join as a pay as you go member for £5, and then pay £8 for any film watched (£7 for concessions). Visitors attending with members are charged £10 per ticket.

Doors open at 7.15pm and films begin at 7.45pm. There are no adverts. Refreshments are available to purchase in the bar area downstairs before each film.

To see the full programme of films for 2023/24 and to find out more about Swindon Film Society, go to