On 1st April the Parish Council’s new financial year starts. As well as all the regular works we have to attend to, we have set aside some funds for specific projects in the parish. For the year 2019/20 they are:
New metal gate at the entrance to the Sir Henry Calley Memorial Garden to replace rotten wooden gate.
Re-furbish the double coach doors at the Butts Road Chapel to preserve the building and its curtilage.
A new metal noticeboard for Ridgeway View
Create a new concrete path at the pavilion on the Rec field.
Create a new parking solution in Norris Close.

We also contribute annually to the upkeep of the Washpool area, set aside funds to improve and maintain the play area at Castle View Road and provide a grants and donations fund for any groups and charities that are eligible to apply.

We are slowly also building up some funds to create a new multipurpose indoor space at the Rec Hall as the current building nears the end of its life.

Once the Norris Close parking area has been created, we will look at the viability of replicating this work in other areas of the Parish with future years funds. (This will be a long term project)

We try to provide all our figures on our website, but you can also attend a Finance meeting if you want to know any more.