Minutes of the Community Safety Forum meeting held on Thursday 4th July 2019 at 6.30pm at Hooper’s Field Sports Pavilion

Present: Sgt Dave Tippetts, Cllr Derek Benfield, Cllr Lorraine Sandle, Cllr Val Curtis (Covingham PC), Cllr Gordon Wilson (Liddington PC), Cllr Paul Sunners (Chiseldon PC), Cllr Bob Biggs (Wanborough PC), Cllr Val Brodin (Bishopstone and Hinton Parva PC) Tina Parker-Royle (Secretary, Wilts NHW).

In attendance: Angela Raymond (Clerk)

  1. Apologies: Rob Core (Central South Swindon PC), Kevin Parry (Nythe, Eldene, Liden PC)
  2. Minutes of the last meeting were unanimously approved.
  3. Report from Sergeant Tippetts.
    Sgt Tippetts confirmed that South Swindon CPT attended 1500 emergency incidents within the 15 minute target, their average being 11 minutes.
    A new Community Co-Ordinator is due to start in October 2019; Becky Berny who will be covering the Lyden and Eldene areas.
    Recruitment – 10 new Officers will be starting in October 2019. It will take them a while to get fully trained but with these additional Officers it will mean they are almost fully staffed.
    In the summer (starting soon) the Police will be carrying out their “summer drink and drug drive campaign”
    A question was asked as to how the police test for drugs. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that drivers are asked to lick a wipe which then screened and can identify the main drugs such as cannabis, cocaine, heroin etc.
    South Swindon CPT will open their Community Shop again this summer. It is located in the Brunel Centre by Marks & Spencers from 19th July to 10th August, open on Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10am to 2pm. This was extremely popular last year; it helps improve community engagement and provides an opportunity to give some crime prevention advice. Approximately 1200 people visited last year.
    Closure Orders – 5 houses have been given partial closure orders. These orders help improve communities, they are useful in preventing cuckooing and have been very successful.
    A new Inspector, Allen Lumley, has been appointed and it is hoped he will attend the next meeting.
    South Swindon CPT Priorities:

    1. Anti-social behaviour due to drug dealing and use in the Town Centre and Kingshill areas. High visibility patrols to be conducted to disrupt this activity. It is difficult to drive networks out of the town; they received intelligence in relation to room above a pub but they have moved on.
    2. Anti-social behaviour in Cavendish Square and Buckhurst Field including the illegal riding of mopeds. The have arrested two individuals, one who was only 14 years old.
      A question was raised as to whether the Police are able to gain support from families when dealing with children who have committed a crime. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that this happens sometimes, however they are working closely with schools. They have a PSCO allocated to each and every school, and they have an Intervention Programme currently with 50 children on this programme.

    In September as part of Operation Sceptre, National Knife Crime prevention, all children will receive training and they will once again have a knife amnesty.
    Sgt Tippetts provided some figures:
    Overall crime is 12% down year on year, with particular improvements in burglary which was 35% down and vehicle related offences down 54%.
    Drug offences have increased by 20% but this is down to more stopping and searching people. For possession of weapons there has been a slight increase. Violence without injury, small increase. Bike theft, small increase. Stalking there has been a big increase, but this may be due to an increase in awareness of the legislation that has been publicised.
    Cllr Sunners stated that with improved intelligence from local knowledge and passing this information onto the Police also helps with decreasing crime,
    Tina Parker-Royle confirmed that she is aware of drug activity at an address where a child is making deliveries. She stated that if this is reported to the Police, the child will have gone by the time the Police arrive. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that all information such as this is very useful and should be reported, as it will help with their intelligence.

  4. Questions from Parish Representatives
    Cllr Benfield asked if the police still have undercover detectives. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that they do.
    Cllr Benfield asked who monitors the Community Service. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that this will be the probation service.
    It was confirmed that the rough sleepers that were located at Lawns have moved to Spring Gardens. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that he is aware of this and it is being monitored; there aren’t too many problems at the moment.
    Cllr Brodin confirmed that they recently had a problem with a “cold caller” who was using drones and selling photos. The photos they were taking were close up pictures of houses, which was a complete invasion of privacy. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that clearly this is a commercial enterprise and as far as he was aware a licence is needed; he confirmed he would look into this and provide additional information.
    Cllr Brodin raised the concern in relation to Vegan Activists referring back to what she raised at the last meeting in relation to the website www.projectcalf . Sgt Tippetts confirmed that it is important to ensure that anything that the farming community are concerned with should be reported. Cllr Sunners confirmed that he has provided a contact for Farm Watch; Lauren Clark and also Mark Jackson from the Rural Crime Team might be able to help.
    Cllr Wilson raised a question in relation to Community Speedwatch (CSW) stating that their leader in Liddington is struggling to get hold of anyone at CSW. Cllr Brodin confirmed that there is a new contact at CSW, Rodger Fooks, who is usually very good a replying. Clerk agreed to forward his details to Cllr Wilson, confirming that Wanborough have also found that communication has vastly improved since the change from the previous CSW co-ordinator.
    Cllr Wilson confirmed that he would like to gain more statistical information that can be used to forward to SBC to help improve road safety. Cllr Brodin confirmed that when she attended the last CSW Team Leaders event it was confirmed that CSW speeding information is not shared with the Local Authority.
    Sgt Tippetts confirmed that CSW works well within the local community; it’s proven that it works and helps to reduce speeding. The Local Authority have a Community Safety partnership which the Super Intendant attends. He was unsure what influence this has on SBC and Highways with regards to speeding and deciding on road improvements, but expects it up to them.
    Cllr Curtis confirmed that at a recent Clerks Forum meeting there was a presentation on “safe drive stay alive” she asked if the Police are involved with this. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that they are involved but this is more the Fire Service.
    Cllr Brodin confirmed that one of the biggest problems in their area is fly-tipping. She asked if the information that they gain from searching the fly-tipped waste for evidence as to who has done is used to charge. Sgt Tippetts confirmed that this is a criminal offence but it is the Local Authority who investigates, confirming that Rachel Ind and SBC is the best person to contact.
  5. Any Other Business
    No further business. Cllr Biggs closed the meeting at 7.45pm and thanked Sgt Tippetts for attending this meeting
  6. Date & Venue of Next Meeting The next meeting will be held on 11th September at 6.30pm in The Library room at St Paul’s Community Centre on St Pauls Drive, SN3 5BY.