There are several things for me to say early in the new year.


Firstly, our next workday will be on Sunday 22nd January, meeting at 10:00.  We will be hedge laying again, south of Coate Water.  I will send another note round when I have all the details worked out.


Secondly, we now have a Facebook page.  I hope this will be useful in helping to spread the word about what we’re doing: so if you are already a Facebook user, feel free to go to the page and like it.  You’ll find information about the work day there and I’ll try and keep it updated.  I am a complete novice at social networking myself: my thanks to Peter David for getting me going at last on this.  If you notice anything you would like to see improved, please let me know.


Lastly, I am doing a bit of supplementary work on the cycle path along the Railway Cutting in Old Town, Swindon.  This northerly extension of the Coate to Marlborough path is a Site of Special Scientific Interest for its geology: and the geology is getting obscured by ferns, trees and roots.  I have formal permission to do a little clearing work so that the rocks can be seen again.  We will start at 10:00 on Sunday 5th February and again on Saturday 25th.  You are welcome to come if you would be interested: and on the day I will explain something about the geology and why it’s of interest.  Details are on ther Facebook page.