Thanks to all of you who contacted me when I suggested setting up a group to give mutual support, help and advice to local new and established writers, and apologies that it’s taken a while to get back to some of you. While it wouldn’t be practical to have too large a group (a, because everyone would like enough time and space to discuss their own work and problems, and b) because initially I plan to hold the meetings at my home in Chiseldon), too few and it just wouldn’t get off the ground!

I’d like to suggest a preliminary get-together at my home on WEDNESDAY 15 MARCH AT 7.30PM. Could you please let me know if you can make this date and time. If you can’t manage an evening meeting, we could perhaps reschedule. You can email me on

I am also setting up a Facebook group (SWINDON WRITERS) where you would be able to post some of your work for comments from fellow writers. Nothing on it at the moment but I hope it will be helpful.

(If you’re no longer interested, or not at present, I’d also appreciate a message).


Joy Wodhams