We are alerting people to a keyless entry car theft in the North Swindon area today (17/07).

A high value vehicle was stolen from a driveway of an address in Blunsdon St Andrew in the early hours of this morning.

In cases like these, thieves manage to get in to and drive the vehicle off by using a transmitting device which mimics the keyless fob.

Please bear in mind some crime prevention points to consider which could prevent a vehicle, which uses the keyless system, from being taken:

  • Put the key card/fob in a Faraday case/pouch to block any transmissions
  • Park the vehicle in a locked garage
  • Install a parking post/bollard on the driveway
  • Use an additional steering lock
  • If you have a second, non-keyless vehicle, park that behind the high value one
  • Check if your keyless fobs can be switched off
  • Check with your car dealership as they can offer advice and the manufacturer/dealer can often track the vehicle if it is stolen.
  • If the vehicle is a company car, check with your fleet managers who can offer crime prevention and tracking advice.

PC Keith Macdonald said:  “We had a series of keyless entry car thefts earlier this year and want to reiterate our crime prevention message to vehicle owners about being extra vigilant and aware of this type of crime.

“These measures are all about preventing the opportunist thief from happening upon your vehicle and overriding the keyless system to steal it.

“All are fairly cheap and simple measures to stop an offender taking one of the most expensive items people buy.”