We often complain about the sweltering temperatures as humans, but often forget that our pets also feel the heat. At Drove we often get asked how best to keep your dog safe when temperatures are high. Here are a few hints and tips:

  • walk in the early mornings and evenings when it is slightly cooler. Keep to shaded walks as much as possible. Pavements can become extremely hot and may burn a pad; if you cannot walk on it in bare feet it is unlikely that your dog will be able to
  • carry plenty of water; a collapsible water bowl is a very useful tool to carry with you, as is plenty of water for your pet
  • dogs can only lose heat by panting, which increases water loss and can expose them to being dehydrated. Avoid intense exercise as much as possible. Try to avoid throwing toys for them to fetch
  • do not leave them in a car, even in the shade with the windows open. If you are in the car and want the air conditioning on… there is your answer. Even if it is only for five minutes and with the windows open, the temperatures soar like an oven