The Wasdell Group have submitted their planning application for a Science Park at Inlands Farm off Pack Hill, Wanborough.

Their proposal is to build 3 industrial units over 3 phases in fields between Wanborough and the North Wessex Downs Area of Natural Beauty (AONB). The area sits within an area of Non-Coalescence (NC3), an area with designated protection within Swindon’s local Plan 2026. The proposed site of 40 hectares; between the AONB (Pack Hill) and the Marsh (just off Commonhead roundabout) is as big as the village of Wanborough itself.

This is not just about the impact on Wanborough, although many people travel from across Swindon to spend time in the villages in this area; for socialising, sport, horse riding and walking. It will be a 24 hour operation with the resulting impact of traffic, light, air waste and noise pollution for the villages in the immediate vicinity but also the surrounding area, and the flood impact on the already “at risk” areas adjacent to the A419 – Covingham and Liden, who suffered serious consequences of the 2007 flooding. The impact on this area could change the nature of the villages we all enjoy forever.

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We need you to take Action!

Here we explain how you can register your opposition to the application:-

  1. Write individual letters to SBC Planning department and, in your own words, make your personal views known. The more individual letters or emails Swindon Borough Council receive the more weight we will register.
    Swindon Borough Council Planning Department
    Address: SBC, Communities and Housing, Euclid Street, SN1 2JH
    Online: and regeneration
    State the Planning Application reference number.
    – why you are opposed to the planning application; make your objections factual and objective, not emotional. Emotional statements diminish the impact of the complaint.
    – how it will affect you, will you be impacted by heavy traffic noise, site noise with the continual beeping of trucks reversing or fork lifts moving around, extra time getting to and from work, rat running, light pollution, etc.?
    – how it affects village life; will the equestrian activities around the villages be impacted, etc.?
  2. Lobby your MP – Robert Buckland and Ward Councillor Gary Sumner – make your views known.
    Robert Buckland, South Swindon MP, 29 B Wood Street, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 4AN
    Gary Sumner, Ridgeway Ward, Swindon Borough Council, Blenheim, Wanborough, Swindon, SN4 OAW.

Letter writing Clinics:

If you need help with your opposition letter we can help you look out for details of Objection Writing Workshops being scheduled through January. These will provide you with more detail so that you can frame your objection on the things that are specific and important to you personally. Look out for the details.