We have received the following update, from Swindon Borough Council, about the schedule for grass cutting in the villages.

After a record breaking mild/wet autumn and winter period, many of the grass verges around the borough are exceptionally long for the start of the new mowing season. In addition, the wet weather over the winter has also resulted in many of these grass areas being water-logged. Weather and ground conditions permitting, we are hoping to commence grass cutting during March, which is earlier than normal, to try to start mowing before the spring flush of growth starts with the warmer weather.

Therefore when mowing does commence, staff will endeavour to cut as much of the grass area as possible, but in areas where the ground conditions are too wet, these areas will have to be left uncut until conditions improve otherwise there is a risk of damaging the ground. These areas will hopefully be dry enough to be cut on the next scheduled visit. We would also advise that due to the exceptionally long length of the grass in many areas the first few cuts of the season are going to be difficult and it is likely that the grass areas after cutting will not look at their best and the amount of grass clippings left on the surface will be considerable. However, any accumulations of grass clippings that fall onto footpaths or the highway and that may cause a hazard to the public will be removed.

Once we pass this initial difficult period, the grass cutting will hopefully get back to normal, but in the meantime, we would ask that Ward Members and the public bear with us and take these points into account before contacting the Council, particularly as we will have all available resources already dedicated to addressing the challenging weather and ground conditions.

Please be aware that amenity grass areas are scheduled to be cut every 4 weeks but this is conditional on prevailing weather conditions, rates of grass growth and machine availability. In a situation where the grass is long and wet, it is likely that the time between the first few cuts will be longer than normal. Grass cutting is very dependent on the prevailing weather and ground conditions at any particular time.

Please check our web page for up-to-date information.

Cllr Brian Ford
Cabinet Member for StreetSmart