The Government recently announced that council tax payers in Bands A to D would receive a £150 payment to help with energy bills – this will not be taken off council tax bills but will instead be given as a separate payment. There will be a number of checks that need to be made before processing payments so it’s expected that the £150 payments will not be paid until towards the end of April at the earliest.

For people who pay council tax by direct debit, in most cases, the rebate will go directly into bank accounts. If residents don’t already pay by direct debit, they may want to sign up to make sure the rebate is paid to them quickly. Residents can switch to direct debits today by calling 0345 302 2316 with their bank account details and Council Tax account number, or by visiting the website to download a form.

We will directly contact eligible residents who don’t pay by Direct Debit and also publish further information on our website in due course. The Government’s leaflet about the £150 payment can be accessed on our website.