We met with the project and civils teams this afternoon for an update on the Wanborough, Liddington and Chiseldon builds.


Since our last update the build team have secured the right space in the Swindon exchange and routing work follows with engineers testing the fibre that has been laid and mapping it for their fibre ‘planning’ colleagues.

Once that is done they will start commissioning the first areas to be ready to go live from around 28/2.

Openreach will then email those residents to advise them to contact one of the companies listed as suitable providers. The build team will also try to remind residents and we will share the locations to assist. Your chosen supplier will then arrange for the final connection into your home. All being well some will have a connected service during March.


Much of the core areas off New Road are going to be among the first. Hosdon Road works can’t start until 12th April due to the Brimble Hill closure in Wroughton. Home Close already prepped via other routes.

Butts Road has 1300m of duct and cabinets to do so will be a bit after the main areas. Badbury is in Phase 2 so officially by August, but the build team say they plan to be finished long before then.
Homes around Cambrai Road will be later as there are challenges identifying a suitable route for the fibre. Issues with protected trees.


Most core areas laid including the Beanlands, Magdalen Rd areas etc. Some queries on reinstatement works being addressed – had a senior Openreach exec visiting to look at damages to pavements, gardens etc and get rectified. Second phase homes West of Purley Road in Liddington will be earlier than August as per Badbury above.

We do have to remember that this is a couple of thousand homes being laid with fibre to connect back to the Swindon exchange – a whole new network. The teams are doing their best to meet and exceed targets and some residents in both areas will have gigabit speeds available via re-sellers during March.

Important Note:

Just to clarify that if you go onto those websites at present, they will not show your address as part of the scheme as that won’t happen until the fibre is commissioned.

Incredibly fast is not far away, so don’t sign new contracts until your connection is ready- then we can all start renegotiating telephone, broadband and tv services based on the new offer!

As usual if you have any specific worries contact Gary Sumner gary@ridgewayvillages.co.uk or Neil Richardson (for Chiseldon) neilrichardson1@icloud.com