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When you are next out on a walk, get involved with Plantlife’s Great British Wildflower Hunt. It’s so simple and a great introduction to wild flowers around us. Register quickly here then next time you are out, login and see what you can find. It’s great fun for all the family!

Whether you are out for a walk in the countryside, going into the woods or strolling around the town, there’s a wild flower to spot, from cuckooflower to meadowsweet, purple toadflax to scarlet pimpernel.

Our study showed that more and more people know very little about nature and especially wild flowers. How can we expect people to protect and save wild flowers if they do not know them? Plantlife is determined to change this and inspire the next generation, so get involved and get hunting!

Get hunting

Do let us know what you find. It helps us build a picture of where wild flowers are, so please send in your results.

We love seeing photos, so why not post them on Facebook or Twitter for us all to see #wildflowerhunt

If you’re already fairly familiar with wild plants, you could consider the National Plant Monitoring Scheme. NPMS volunteers look for a bigger range of plants and record data in a fixed area regularly. This allows us to build a pattern which informs future conservation decisions.

Happy Hunting
Michael Krause