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If you own or privately rent a property in Council Tax bands A-D then you could be eligible for free cavity wall insulation, loft insulation and smart heating controls. It’s available through a grant scheme called Connected for Warmth that’s offering free energy-saving measures to homes to help households reduce their energy use and stay warm and well.

The scheme is fully funded by National Grid in partnership with a company called AgilityEco, which has appointed Evolve, a Trustmark-registered installer for the South West:

  • Loft insulation: many older homes have a small amount of insulation, but today’s building regulations require it to be around 11 inches (270mm) thick, so a loft insulation top-up can be beneficial. If you currently have less than 7.5 inches (200mm) of loft insulation, then you maybe able to get this topped up. If you don’t have any loft insulation, adding 270mm thickness could save you £355 a year. If you already have 120mm, increasing this to 270mm could save you £35 a year.
  • Cavity wall insulation: this is installed in the space or ‘cavity’ between the inner and outer walls of a property and can typically be fitted in homes built after the 1920s. It helps to keep heat inside your home, making it more comfortable and saving on average £395 a year on heating costs.
  • Smart heating controls: if you have a central heating system with old analogue controls, you may be able to get a new smart thermostat if you’re having loft and/or cavity wall insulation installed. Installing smart thermostats and heating controls could save you up to £60 a year by heating your home more efficiently.

To find out more, complete this online form, provided by Warm & Safe Wiltshire Advice Service, and Evolve will be in touch. Or you can contact Evolve directly at 0800 292 2554 or email Funding approval is subject to a suitability assessment and allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.